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Post 13/03/21: James Kelman’s interview with John La Rose


Post 10/03/21:

(Video) Self-determination: Kurdistan, Scotland and Beyond
– An Interview with James Kelman, 09 March 2021

Connor Hayes speaks with writer James Kelman about a wide variety of topics, including self-determination, British history, literature, the tradition of Scottish common sense philosophy, and the Kurdish freedom movement.

Click here to watch:

(Video) Self-determination: Kurdistan, Scotland and Beyond – An Interview with James Kelman

Peace in Kurdistan
Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question


Post 26/12/20: Lubbock, Leningrad and Lafayette


Post 06/12/20: Social Diversity and the New Literary Order


Post 15/11/20: Chan eil dad nas Albannaich na an Uilebheist Loch Nis


Post 12/10/20: Literary freedom and Human Rights *Revised Edition*


Post 04/09/20: Stuart Christie was a month younger


Post 20/08/20: The Peel of Drumry
A notecard from 1973-74. Local history: people should know it.


Post 03/08/20: Elitism and English Literature (Revised)
A new and revised edition of the essay that was originally included in the book ‘And the judges said…’ (2002).


Post 19/07/20: Parents in Drumchapel
James Kelman’s response to the recent tragedy in the area in which he grew up.


Post 06/07/20: Tx & vicinity
JK has uploaded what he calls, “a non-exhaustive list of Tx and vicinity musicians people might enjoy, some you’ll know, some you won’t; some contemporary, some long gone. It’ll make a change, help get you through the night.”


Post 30/06/20: Kids in Drumchapel
“JK wrote Kids in Drumchapel “in voice”, for a schoolteacher friend and her class of Primary 7 schoolkids in the Drumchapel housing scheme of Glasgow. It was to give them a sense of place, of history, and how children of JK’s own generation saw it way back when it was first built.”


Post 21/06/20: Shouting at the Edinburgh Fringe Forum
“A new post by JK is a revised version of his rant, Shouting at the Edinburgh Fringe Forum. It should give a few people a laugh. It is worth noting that a thoroughly revised version of his play In the Night is available online.”


Post 16/06/20: A list of recommended writers (early 1980s)
“Here’s a scan of a list of recommended writers Kelman put out in the early 1980s. It was done in a rush and is uncorrected, complete with typing/spelling errors – a few are glaring! (Ralph Ellis instead of Ellison). “People were aye asking what writers I recommended.” It acts as a sort of companion piece to the later one. These and other items are part of his literary archive at the National Library of Scotland.”


The reading list Kelman produced for U.S. writing students is available here: Reading list for U.S. students

Post from 14/06/20:
“Kelman said somewhere that he is not involved in “any so-called Joycean stream of consciousness which indicates an anglo-imperialist perspective but like Joyce himself and such as Sterne, Hogg, Stevenson, Grassic Gibbon, Beckett and very many others he works in an amalgam of the Celtic and other traditions (including some African) where the existence of the individual voice is primary, where people are fighting against the effects of imperialism, in particular the denial of the validity of their own culture. His memoir on the Nigerian writer Amos Tutuola, and others, enters into this area (in his forthcoming book What I do (Memoirs).”


June 2020

This memoir of the great Jeff Torrington will appear in James Kelman’s What I do (Memoirs), on schedule for this autumn publication: The courage Jeff had


May 2020

‘Attack On These People Not Racist, says British State’ was added in May 2020:
Attack On These People Not Racist, says British State

‘By the Howe of the Hawk’s Nest’ was added in May 2020: By the Howe of the Hawk’s Nest

‘An Attack on People with Learning Difficulties’ was added in May 2020: An Attack on People with Learning Difficulties

‘Keeping Scotland British, and Britain English’ was added in May 2020: Keeping Scotland British, and Britain English

‘Early days in Austin’ was added in May 2020: Early days in Austin


April 2020

‘On Petitions’ was added in April 2020: On Petitions


Work is currently ongoing on the book ‘In the Parish of Forms & Apparitions: Chan eil dad nas Albannaich na an Uilebheist Loch Nis’. The original manuscripts for the first two chapters are now available to read via these links:


Chapter Two – Feacht and Sloged