Enquiries on forthcoming projects, in the first instance, should email contact@jameskelman.net


Forthcoming publications

  • Ideas in Empathy: Making Sense, Moving On; Essays, Correspondence and Interviews, Noam Chomsky & James Kelman (2021, PM Press, Ca., USA)
  • Creative Chronicles (a novel, scheduled autumn 2021)
  • Selected Interviews (non-fiction, scheduled 2021-22)


Forthcoming publications

Aspects of the Asbestos Nightmare: Essays, Correspondence & Other Writings (eBook only, 2021)


Works in progress

  • Selected Essays, Volume I: Art & Making It (2022)
  • Selected Essays, Volume II: The ‘Britain is a Country’ Fallacy (2022)
  • Family Business (non-fiction 2022-23)
  • Chan eil dad nas Albannaich na an Uilebheist Loch Nis [(In the Parish of Forms & Apparitions)   non-fiction 2024]
  • A Slant on Radical Glasgow (non-fiction 2024-25)


The following novels are out-of-print. They shall return in eBook form sooner or later

The Busconductor Hines
A Chancer
Translated Accounts
You have to be careful in the Land of the Free
Kieron Smith, boy
Mo said she was quirky


The following collections of short stories are out-of-print. They shall return in one form or another, as part of one collection or another

An old pub near the Angel
not not while the giro
Greyhound for Breakfast
The Burn
The Good Times
If it is your life


The following are out-of-print and will so remain

Some Recent Attacks: Essays Cultural & Political (essays)
And the Judges said . . . (essays)
Hardie and Baird & Other Plays